Milonga: wednesday  19 to 0.30 hs.

A magnificent dance hall – excellent atmosphere and dance level.

Tango, milonga and tango waltz.

A bit of rock and a bit of chacarera and zamba.
A dance round in which women ask to dance.

Most men willing to play along.

Music that "pulls you out of the chair".

Friends coming in groups. People coming alone, as a couple, or as they prefer.
There is always someone to chat with. There is alw

La Milonguita can be your tango date and a renewed possibility of feeling happy.

About us

Organization:  Graciela H. López
DJ: Carlos Moreira

Reception:  Fernanda Valenzuela
Photography:  Fernanda Valenzuela

Video: Norma Marin
Digital Marketing:  Malena Varnerín, Federico Varnerin- Cecilia Bertolo

  Milonga: wednesday  19 to 0.30 hs.

(+54911) 3068-1271


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Armenia 1353 -  Sala Siranush

Buenos Aires - Argentina